Deceased Credit / Debit Cards

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[Bank/credit card provider                                                    [Your name & Address]

& Address]                                    



17 February 2023      



Dear Sirs

Re: The Estate of [name of deceased]

Account Number: [Account number/ref]


I am the personal representative of the above-named deceased, who died on [date]. I have attached the death certificate for you to note and return.


The deceased holds the above credit card with you. Please:-


  1. Please close the account and forward to me the final bill.
  2. Please Confirm if the deceased held any other accounts with you.
  3. Cancel any direct debit payments, and confirm that this has been done.
  4. Confirm that no further interest will accrue against the balance of the account.
  5. Confirm whether there is any payment protection insurance linked to the account. 

Please note that I shall only be able to settle any outstanding balance once we receive the Grant of Probate and are in sufficient funds.


Thank you for your help in the above matter. Should you need to contact me for further clarity on any issue, please email me: at [email], or you can ring me at [telephone number]


Yours Sincerely




[Your name]