Our story

Partnerships are important

We look to work with other experts where expertise in the field of probate is required. If you feel you can be of service, please get in touch with us.

We welcome Legal experts and specialist accountancy firms to work alongside us to bring free and paid work to our website visitors.

Good timely advice is crucial, which our site visitors and we cherish and no doubt appreciate.

Losing a loved one and trying to deal with legal and tax issues is a daunting issue. The core service we provide to our site visitors is free legal advice to those who need it.


Our services

Options for business growth

Our unique partnership options allow you to choose how you work with us, whether that is by referring clients to us or handling all aspects of the sales process yourself.

Support for your clients

Your clients can email us for practical support and guidance on what to do when someone dies. Our team of specialists will explain what needs to be done clearly but empathetically.

Dedicated point of contact

You will have a dedicated regional sales manager as a point of contact who can answer questions, provide advice and help you support your clients.

Refer work back to you

We will refer any beneficiaries back to you in order to help you expand your client base and grow your business.

Stay up to date

We will keep you informed of how your clients’ cases are progressing throughout the process and will contact you at key milestones so that you are always kept informed.

Secure document storage

For our business partners, we can store important client documents in our secure storage facility. This includes Wills, LPAs and Deeds.