Deceased Bank Funeral Expenses template letter

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[Bank Name & Address]                   [Your Name & Address]                                                                                       




Dear Sir/Madam

Re: The Estate of [Deceased Name] deceased 

Account Number: [Number]


I am the personal representative of the above-named deceased, who died on a date (xxx). I have attached the death certificate for you to note and return.


I am attaching the Funeral Director’s invoice for your attention.


I shall be obliged if you would arrange to send me a cheque in the sum of £ [amount of invoice] made payable to “[Undetaker]” so that I can settle this liability of the estate.

Thank you for your assistance in the above matter. You can contact me by email at [email] or you can ring me on at [xxxxx].

Yours Sincerely 



[Your name]