Deceased Building Insurance template letter

[Insurers name & Address]              [Your name & address]


Date: xxxx

Dear Sir/Madam

Re: The Estate of [Name of deceased]
Policy Number: [Policy number]


I am the representative of the named above deceased, who died on [date]. I am attaching the death certificate for you to note and return.


In respect of the above, please:


1. Note the death on your records.
2. Confirm if the premium has been paid in full, and advise when the policy is due for renewal. [If the deceased was paying monthly premiums, please note their bank/building society account will be placed on ‘stop’, so please let me know any amounts required to keep the insurance in force until the renewal date].
3. Advise me of any specific conditions applicable now the property is unoccupied.
4. Ensure all further correspondence is sent to me at the above Address.


I appreciate your help in the above matter. Should you need to contact me, my email address is:
My mobile:

Yours faithfully

[Your Name]