ISA PEP template for Deceased

You can download the ISA PEP template for the Deceased in word version or a PDF version of the template below by click the download button below:

[ISA Company name & Address]                 [Your name & Address]


Date: [xxx]


Dear Sirs
Re: The Estate of [Deceased Name] deceased
Account [Account & Reference Number]


I am the personal representative of the above-named deceased, who died on the date [xxxx]. I
have attached the death certificate for you to note and return.


In respect of the above investments, please:

1. Note the death on your records and confirm the value of the holdings (including any cash balance) at the date of death.

2. Retain any future income payments until I have a Grant of Probate in the estate.
3. Please advise me of any income paid for the last two years.
4. Forward to me any forms you require completing to encash the holding once I have the Grant of Probate.


I appreciate your help in this matter. Should you need to contact me, you can email me at [email address] or by telephone [xxxxxxxxxx]


Yours Sincerely




[Your Name]